October 19, 2018

Travel Agent Secrets: Exclusive Delta Plane Tour

EXCLUSIVE DELTA PLANE TOUR- Travel Agent Secrets (Classic Travel USA)

Our agents were selected to go on an exclusive tour of Delta's A350 plane so that we could share our tips, photos, videos, and suggestions with valued clients like you!

The Delta A350 Overview

  • Brand new planes
  • They currently have 11, but they will be getting a total of 25
  • They are 30% lighter as they are made of carbon fiber
  • ALL sections are upgraded. Even main cabin has upgraded materials
  • 306 seats: 32 Delta One, 48 Delta Premium Select, & 226 Main Cabin
  • 11-12 flight attendants based on occupancy

Delta One Suites ($$$)

  • Full-height door for privacy
  • Personal Item storage under armrest area
  • Larger screens
  • Flat-bed seats
  • Espresso service

"They were really comfy and spacious, the doors were great for privacy and there were cubbies in side that armrest to put your purse etc." -Dana

Delta One Suite (Classic Travel USA)

Delta Premium Select ($$)

  • More personal space
  • Upgraded amenities – pillows, blankets, LSTN noise-cancelling headsets, & TUMI amenity kits
  • Galley Screen
  • Pre-departure beverage service – OJ, sparkling wine, or water
  • Plated meals with Alessi service ware
  • 750mL wine options

"The seats were really nice, lots of space even with the seat in front of me all the way back. Nice footrests and headrests, the decline was great of the seat was great. Nice quality product. Our guide compared it to the “old first class” amenities as far as the meal and drink services."


"Note that the isle seats have a cool feature – the armrests can be put all the way down, to allow for more space.-Dana

Delta Main Cabin ($)

  • Memory foam cushions
  • HD screens
  • In-seat power ports
  • Adjustable head rest
  • Menu Card
  • Comfort kits – 16.9 oz water and sleep kit

"Even the main cabin was really nice. Note that the headrests can slide up or down to accommodate height and adjust for head support.-Dana

Delta Main Cabin (Classic Travel USA) 1
Delta Main Cabin (Classic Travel USA) 2

BONUS: Delta Airlines Cockpit

Dana Delta Cockpit (Classic Travel USA)

We also got to see the cockpit and sleeping quarters for the crew. They also took us down to the control room to see all the behind the scene operations.

They have people monitoring Twitter so that if anyone tweets an issue, they can have someone in front of that person in 5 minutes and they can help solve their issues. We got to see how every person manages things like weather, baggage, delays, rescheduling – every little detail that goes on behind the scenes is handled in that control room.

Finally we went up to the air traffic tower and got to see the plane we toured take off to Tokyo.

Delta A350 Plane Exterior (Classic Travel USA)

TIME-SENSITIVE: DTW Reduced Tram Service

DTW Tram Limited Service Times (Classic Travel USA)

Also don’t forget for our Detroit clients. The TRAM will be closed for dates below. May be a good idea to inform elderly clients as they may want more assistance.

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