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Tom Thrun

Tom Thrun About the Author: Tom grew up in the travel business. His family owned travel agencies throughout the Detroit area as well as the Sans Souci Hotel in Jamaica. Before joining Classic Travel, Tom’s focus was on group managing and escorting, which he has done all over the world. Joy and Tom feel fortunate that their careers have combined their expertise, love for travel, and personal pleasure in providing wonderful travel experiences to Classic Travel’s valued clients.

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Part 1: In Love with Lisbon Part 2: Castles in Spain Part 3: Madrid: A Travel Agent's Perspective After bidding a fond “adios” to the south of Spain, we headed north to Madrid. The capital city is an easy 4-hour drive from Granada nonstop, but we made a couple of stops along the way. The orange… [Read More]

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Part 1: In Love with Lisbon Part 2: Castles in Spain Part 3: Madrid: A Travel Agent's Perspective After four great days in Lisbon, we continued on our journey south into Spain. Let me take this opportunity to give a big shout out to our generous hosts, Globus and Travel Leaders, for the fantastic job they… [Read More]

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Part 1: In Love with Lisbon Part 2: Castles in Spain Part 3: Madrid: A Travel Agent's Perspective Thanks to Globus and our Travel Leaders affiliation, this September we embarked on a two week Iberian adventure to celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary. We began our trip with five days in Lisbon, what a great way to… [Read More]

"I saw a group of travel agents drinking pina coladas at Trader Vics and their hair was perfect, ah ooooo….werewolves of London…." Well not exactly, their hair wasn't perfect, but it pretty much sums up the 1999 edition of the Classic Travel annual Christmas trip. For the last Christmas office party of the 20th century… [Read More]

At Classic Travel our mantra is 'we will never run out of new places to go". No matter how well traveled you are, there will always be an exciting, unexplored adventure waiting to be experienced. I am almost ashamed to admit that after over thirty years in the travel business, Joy and I had never… [Read More]

March 1999, was the most active group travel month in Classic Travel's history. Besides groups going to New York, Spain, Cancun and the Final Four, we took 380 of our closest friends to beautiful Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The American Cyanamid Company hosted this Caribbean all-inclusive getaway for it's VIP growers and dealers. We departed Detroit… [Read More]

I have gazed longingly at Rio de Janeiro brochures ever since I started in the travel business over thirty five years ago. My globetrotting father always said that there is no place on earth quite like Rio. Don’t ask me why it took so long for me to finally get there, some destinations just inexplicably… [Read More]

Time flies when you have been living in matrimonial Nirvana for the past fourteen years, but here it was again, time for another anniversary travel experience. This year's focus would be Spain and on the actual day of our anniversary we would find ourselves in the capital city of Madrid. Joy had never been before… [Read More]

"You know what ages a man? Boredom. When I was young, traveling, I felt like a lion…but at home I feel eighty." As I stared the celebration of my fiftieth year here on the planet directly in the face, this line from La Dolce Vita was more poignant now than ever before. At the Excelsior… [Read More]

I fell in love with transatlantic and family travel all at the same time. It was 1962 and my father had arranged to take our family to Europe aboard the Queen Elizabeth from New York to France and return on the Queen Mary. To this day some 42 years later I can still remember certain… [Read More]

The second week of the new millennium was cold and snowy and golf was sounding pretty good. We decided to roll the weather dice and take a weekend golf trip to Kiawah Island, South Carolina. The climate during this time of the year can be anything from 70's and sunny to 40's and icy. Fortunately… [Read More]

Ever since living in Jamaica back in the 60's when my father ran the Sans Souci Hotel in Ocho Rios, Jamaica has always felt like home. Today the Island is known for its many spectacular all inclusive resorts. But for a real Jamaican experience you might want to try one of a handful of remaining… [Read More]

The 2003 M.F.D.A. Mid - Winter Conference began a little like an episode of Fantasy Island. The group was greeted at the thatched roof Punta Cana Airport by a very tropical looking President Sam Smith and a very sunburned Scott Meyersieck shouting " De plane! De plane!" Suddenly all the stress of the holidays and… [Read More]

It's hard to believe that Her Majesty celebrated fifty years on the throne in the year 2002. No, not that Queen, I'm referring to Classic Travel's fearless leader and my beloved partner in crime, Joy. After contemplating numerous exotic destinations in which to commemorate this historic day, the decree was handed down, Paris was to… [Read More]

Every year the staff at Classic Travel takes a trip for our annual Christmas party. Past parties have been held in such cities as New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, Las Vegas and London. This year the Yuletide festivities were celebrated in the exciting city of Boston. In addition to all of the history and famous landmarks… [Read More]

As our lives get busier unfortunately our leisure time gets shorter. What used to be a weeklong vacation all of a sudden becomes a long weekend. Have you been to Chicago so many times that you are permanently wind burned? Gone to Toronto so often that the sight of a maple leaf brings a tear… [Read More]

South Africa is becoming increasingly attractive to Americans, as the awareness spreads that the country is not only about safaris and wildlife but also the cosmopolitan pleasures of its sophisticated cities-their nightlife, music, art, shopping, beaches, golf, international cuisine- and the wine country. It's a long way to go but worth every butt-numbing minute of… [Read More]

Prior to our recent trip to Egypt, I thought that 'Walk Like An Egyptian' was just a cute little song from the '80s. Upon arriving in Cairo, we discovered that it is actually a survival technique. Cairo is a pulsating mass of organized chaos expected to reach a population of twenty million people in the… [Read More]