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Written by William Faunce. We had always wanted to see elephants in the wild. On a safari in Kenya and Tanzania last January, we not only saw all the elephants we wanted but also had close-up views of lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, water buffalo, rhinos, hippos, zebras, wildebeests, baboons, gazelles, and some animals, like the tiny… [Read More]

Written by Tom Thrun. Prior to our recent trip to Egypt, I thought that ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ was just a cute little song from the ’80s. Upon arriving in Cairo, we discovered that it is actually a survival technique. Cairo is a pulsating mass of organized chaos expected to reach a population of twenty… [Read More]

Written by Denny Custer. Everyone has been to places were they say , “Wow, doesn’t that just suck the breath right out of you?” May we share a couple of those “breath suckers” from our recent Egyptian adventure? Karen and I had an idea to tack Egypt onto the end of a European trip. Like… [Read More]

Written by Frank Stephenson. Make sure you have plenty of memory for camera or film. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water even if you’re not perspiring. Water in hotels is fine to drink, but anywhere else, drink bottled water (even on riverboat). Do not eat any food from the vendors or outside of the restaurants… [Read More]

Been There, Done That – Spain, Morocco, and Portugal thumbnail

Excerpts from Jack and Gigi Cawood’s travel journal. The title of “been there, done that” implies that once might be enough for some places, but in our case, traveling this past week on a cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon, we definitely want to go back and revisit some of these areas. Our travels were on… [Read More]


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