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Oceania Greek Islands Cruise thumbnail

Written by Marshall Cossman. A Greek islands cruise! A wonderful trip developed by the triumvirate of Classic Travel, Oceania Cruises, and us. In late August this year my wife and I embarked on the Insignia for a 12 day voyage of the Greek islands. We had a day and a half in Istanbul, our departure… [Read More]

Traveling to Turkey & Greece thumbnail

Written by Wing Dunham. Due to the fact that Delta couldn’t connect with other flights if they were chained together, we didn’t get to our Istanbul hotel (Barceló Saray–excellent) until about 8 p.m. and were too exhausted to do anything but find something to eat and stare out our little balcony at the mosques and… [Read More]

A Note from Cindy and Larry Kindel. Larry and I want to thank you for arranging our trip and tour of Vietnam last January. It was an incredible trip. It worked out well for our son to meet us there also. We highly recommend vacationing in Vietnam. It’s a beautiful country and the people are… [Read More]

Written by Dr. Puretz. Bhutan is a land of grand mountains and intense Buddhist tradition. Druk Air’s flight path into Paro prescribes a beautiful arc into a long narrow valley. This landing is an open window into a land of mountains and hillsides dotted with traditional homes, rice paddies, and ancient Buddhist adornments (temples, monasteries… [Read More]

Written by Bob Martin. John and Jay Bos and I went to China during the SARS problem. Why did you do that you ask? Well we had our plans and we wanted to see the Three Gorges project before they raised the water level so we went. Our group deteriorated to just the three of… [Read More]

Written by Speed Fenech. Looking for exotic treasures, a landscape filled with architectural beauty, a culture that is as rich with history as it is mystifying? Then you should indulge yourself in Turkey. Turkey has some of the oldest structures in the world–with ruins that predate those in Greece. The architecture of the mosques is… [Read More]

Written by Denny Custer. So I sez to Joy, that when we finish with our China trip, we’d like to do Thailand and maybe Singapore, just because we’re so close. Sez Joy to us, “Bangkok, the Regent Resort at Chaing Mai, Amanpuri Resort at Phuket and Raffles in Singapore”, all for sure. She’s been there… [Read More]

Beijing: Pearl of the Orient thumbnail

Written by Scott McRee. Recently I had the distinct pleasure of escorting a group of 39 people to Beijing, China, “The pearl of the orient”. If you have never ventured outside the United States, or to this exquisite country, now is the time! Let me take a few minutes to describe our China experience. Our… [Read More]

China 2000 thumbnail

Written by Marcia Bethea. To see the Yangtze River as it has been for the last 500 years, you have until 2003!! After that, it will be changed forever!! The Chinese government is constructing the world’s largest dam that will affect the beautiful Three Gorges area of the Yangtze River. The water will rise 135… [Read More]

Written by Pam Manke. I had always wanted to go to Beijing and see the Forbidden City. I had seen the movie ‘The Last Emperor’ and that really sparked my interest. Trying to get someone to go with me in November was not as easy as I had expected, even with the price so reasonable… [Read More]


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