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Written by Hannah Nowicki. Iceland has always been high on my list of dream destinations. I first saw it in Delta’s Sky Magazine quite a few years ago. They were introducing non-stop service to Reykjavik (Iceland’s capital city), thus highlighting it as a featured “not-to-miss” destination. This was the beginning of Iceland’s tourism boom. All… [Read More]

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Written by Valerie Tkaczyk. Whether you’re there on a free stopover to Europe or as a final destination, Iceland is sure to amaze you with its dramatic and otherworldly landscapes, Viking history, and interesting culture. Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice and is home to some of the world’s most active… [Read More]

Anniversary Dream Trip to Scotland thumbnail

Written by Jean Southwick. Our Adventure with Haggis, Peas, Plaid, Sheep, Isle of Skye, and Roundabouts! As I write this on a cold wintery day in Michigan I think back to what a wonderful trip our family enjoyed to Scotland last summer. It was about this same time a year ago that I was able… [Read More]

Written by Emily Janik (Classic Travel Intern, Fall 2013). Studying abroad was all that I could ask for and will be a favorite memory of mine from my college years. I experienced 6 countries in one month and I’m only twenty! Within 4 weeks, I traveled to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Italy. I… [Read More]

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Written by Pam Sievers and Kathy Lindahl. If you catch it on a bright, sunny day, you can’t help but be impressed by its grand old opulence – wide, tree-lined boulevards, a majestic opera house, dramatic scenery on each side of the Danube, green parks, and shiny monuments. If you catch it on a gray… [Read More]

Written by Wendy Kushion. We have been back about two weeks and I wanted to tell you how wonderful our vacation was in Italy. The villa Relais Valle really exceeded our expectations, the food was fantastic every night, the staff wonderful, and the cooking classes were the highlight for me. Bruce liked the wine tasting afternoon that was… [Read More]

Written by Keith and Audrey Wilson. Getting There We flew Northwest business class to Frankfort. It was our first business class trip so I made a lot of notes. First, the new seats were installed that allowed you to recline to a bed level if you wished. I never did get back quite that far… [Read More]

Written by Keith and Audrey Wilson. Our second visit to the Mediterranean began on July 6 with a trip to the USA parking lot located immediately adjacent to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The parking lot is the largest I have seen in some time and I became doubtful we would be able to find our… [Read More]

Written by Keith and Audrey Wilson. On Saturday, June 17, 2006, Audrey and I left home at 10:35 a.m. and arrived at Metropolitan Airport, Detroit, at noon. We met John at 12:30 p.m. as we were traveling to our departure gate for our USAir flight. We found Anita and the three children at the gate… [Read More]

Written by Tom Thrun. “I saw a group of travel agents drinking pina coladas at Trader Vics and their hair was perfect, ah ooooo….werewolves of London….” Well not exactly, their hair wasn’t perfect, but it pretty much sums up the 1999 edition of the Classic Travel annual Christmas trip. For the last Christmas office party… [Read More]