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At Classic Travel our mantra is 'we will never run out of new places to go". No matter how well traveled you are, there will always be an exciting, unexplored adventure waiting to be experienced. I am almost ashamed to admit that after over thirty years in the travel business, Joy and I had never… [Read More]

Clothes and packing tips: It is a casual destination, so during the day it is battle gear and layering. It can be 50ish in the morning, at night and when the ship is sailing. Then 70ish pushing 80 and warm if the sun it out. It can always rain or be foggy. You will want a… [Read More]

Written by Angela Brya. On our third trip to Hawaii in May, we decided to visit the much talked about "Big Island" Hawaii. Big it is, stretching almost 4000 square miles. All of the main islands could be placed inside the borders and still have extra space. It is so large that Hawaii host two… [Read More]

I learned something on my trip to Nashville - I'm a country girl at heart! I wasn't prepared to fall in love with Tennessee - but I have to tell you, unless you have a heart of stone, it's hard not to love the Southern charms of Nashville. First impressions mean a lot, and our… [Read More]

Written by Liz Hill. Finals are over, what better place to celebrate than the beautiful Riviera Maya? My colleague and friend, Danielle Artibee, and I were given the opportunity from Joy and Tom to check out the Riviera Maya, and see what it's all about. I know what you're thinking, “two college girls in Mexico… [Read More]

Written by Angela Brya. This winter, my husband Greg and I decided to take that dreaded step of introducing our daughters, Lauren (5) and Lexie (2) to Disney. As you may recall, we did a Disney Cruise and had an absolutely wonderful time. However, I am sure that many of us have mixed emotions of… [Read More]

Written by Angela Brya. When you leave the Cancun Airport you come upon two signs, one directing you left toward the resort strip known as Cancun, and the other pointing right toward the fastest growing vacation destination in Mexico-Riviera Maya. Increasingly visitors are turning right, eager to discover one of the most beautiful tropical destinations… [Read More]

The Mayan Riviera Is It thumbnail

The past few years the Mayan Riviera, also known as Playacar or Playa Del Carmen, has been growing in popularity. Recently, I visited there for four nights and saw for myself what all the fuss is about. This Mexican destination has beautiful beaches, gorgeous resorts, blue-turquoise water, and great Mexican shopping. Everything you need to… [Read More]

The Many Sides of Maui thumbnail

Maui is one of the most favored of all the Hawaiian Islands. It caters to both tropical relaxation and an active lifestyle. I was fortunate enough to experience the island for eight nights on my honeymoon. A long stay in Maui is an excellent way to relax the mind as well as participate in the… [Read More]

Written by Colleen Pero. In the last 18 months, Dan and I have been fortunate enough to visit the Mayan Riviera three times...in three distinct ways. The first visit was a long weekend with two friends. We stayed at the Porto Real on the European Plan (i.e., none of our food or drinks were included). The… [Read More]

Written by Molly Brunette. Upon completion of the Magic of Mexico seminar, Marcia Bethea and I were invited by the Mexican Tourist Board to be their guests in the city of our choice. That was a difficult decision to make, as there are so many wonderful destinations which to choose from. We decided on Puerto… [Read More]

A Note From Andrea Polverento. What a WONDERFUL vacation we had! We opted to do the $139 first class upgrades for Sun Country at the airport, and that was the best $139 we could have spent! Sun Country was fantastic - the staff was great, the drinks were great, even the food was great! The Lansing airport is so… [Read More]

Written by Molly Brunette. I think it's safe to say that one of a parent's greater challenges in life would be traveling with small children. On the other hand, one of the greatest joys is seeing things as though for the first time, through the eyes of your children. The key to a memorable family… [Read More]

Written by Molly Brunette. For all you skiers (or snowboarders) out there, it's time to start planning that winter ski trip. This is a great vacation to take as a family (but can also serve as an escape for couples!) - the younger your children learn how to ski, the more they will benefit from… [Read More]

Savannah – Georgia’s First City thumbnail

Since my son has moved to Savannah, Georgia I feel lucky to be able to travel to such a historic place to visit and able to share my travel enthusiasm with you. There is no other city quite like Georgia’s first city, Savannah. Located in the heart of Coastal Georgia’s Low country, Savannah is a… [Read More]

Written by Katie and Jacob Winters. We had such a great time in San Francisco! I cannot imagine a better place for us to honeymoon. It was great to be all the way across the country in such an artistic, diverse, and bustling city. Every morning it was great to wake up, walk into Union Square… [Read More]

Written by Todd Thrun. Recently, my son Scott and I decided to take one of the hottest trends in travel today… a cruise. I have been on many cruises, however this was Scott's first time. We flew from Lansing to Los Angles and boarded Royal Caribbean's Viking Serenade, which is a 3 night cruise which… [Read More]

Written by Denny Custer. So, what is the second longest river in the US? Naw, not the Missouri - it's number 1! The Mississippi is some 200 miles shorter. This was just one of the educational tidbits we learned recently, riding the Mississippi Queen from St Louis to St Paul. The awesome reality of this… [Read More]

Written by Joel Lowy. My read ahead about the town included using three major travel guides, Fodor's, Frommer's and Lonely Planet and a “specialty” book called Hidden PV. They of course overlap a good deal but each does some areas a little better than the others. Best map – Lonely Planet followed by Frommers for… [Read More]

When my husband, Bob, asked Joy at Classic Travel to "book us something for next week" - I was shocked. I didn't think we had time for a vacation. Then I realized we had the time to go, what we didn't have time for was planning a vacation. Joy took care of everything for us… [Read More]