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 OAHU: Town and Country When most people think of visiting Hawaii, they think of stopping over in Honolulu for a few days, and then flying on to the next island for the remainder of their dream Hawaiian vacation.  But did you know, that the island of Oahu, can be a vacation all by itself?  In… [Read More]

A Perfect Trip to New Zealand thumbnail

Written by Hannah N. They say there is no such thing as a perfect vacation. There is always some bump in the road—figuratively and sometimes literally. You lose your favorite sunglasses, you have the perfect day planned and the rain clouds roll in, your flight inevitably gets delayed or, god forbid, cancelled. It could be… [Read More]

New Zealand – The Ultimate Honeymoon Adventure thumbnail

Written by Julie Schafer. While for some brides the toughest decision is what color the bridesmaids should wear, for me it was whether Nick and I should honeymoon in Tahiti or New Zealand. After much debate and some helpful travel advice from the pro, Joy Thrun, the choice was clear — New Zealand! Where else… [Read More]

Written by Denny Custer. Going “down under”? Going to Sydney? Want to add a neat activity? Try the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb! That’s right, up and over the top of it- and – back down (safely)! “Wait a minute,” say you! Hhmmmm, sounds a bit foreboding, a bit too adventuresome? Think you can’t do it… [Read More]

Australia and New Zealand: An Unforgettable Experience thumbnail

Written by Tanya Thelen. Our favorite vacation of all time was to Australia and New Zealand. It was a trip of a lifetime! My husband, Glen, and I flew from Detroit on Continental and Qantas Airlines through Los Angeles. Our first stop was Cairns, located in tropical Queensland, Australia. Due to the time zone and… [Read More]


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