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South America

Galapagos – A Travel Agent’s Tips thumbnail

Written by Tom Thrun. Galapagos—if it has not been on your travel bucket list, I am sure that you have been intrigued. It has been at the top of my wish list for my entire travel career and we finally made it happen. I must say that it exceeded all expectations. We sometimes enjoy trips… [Read More]

Reasons to Love a River Cruise – Tips from a Travel Agent thumbnail

Written by Joy Thrun. One of the hottest trends in the travel industry these days is river cruising. Born in Europe and growing around the world, almost every major river on the planet features exciting itineraries on beautiful new ships. If you have not taken a river cruise yet, you are probably intrigued and if… [Read More]

Breathtaking Machu Picchu thumbnail

Written by Sharon Sinclair. My husband and I recently returned from an escorted tour to Peru and Machu Picchu with Gate 1 Travel. As a Travel Agent, I usually choose not to go on escorted tours but prefer to make my own itinerary. However, this is one location that I didn’t want to tackle on… [Read More]

Enchanting Peru thumbnail

Written by Joy Thrun. The first 24 hours in Peru made the bungee in Africa look like a cakewalk. We arrived in Lima at almost 11:00 PM and spent a tedious hour in immigration before arriving at our hotel close to 1:00 AM. We had a great two-room suite on the 14th floor of one of the… [Read More]

Written by Tom Thrun. I have gazed longingly at Rio de Janeiro brochures ever since I started in the travel business over thirty five years ago. My globetrotting father always said that there is no place on earth quite like Rio. Don’t ask me why it took so long for me to finally get there… [Read More]

Written by Marcia Bethea. How would you like to fly to an exotic destination and not have jet lag? Well, have I found the place for you! My husband and I were invited to a wedding in Quito, Ecuador. About 20 seconds after opening the invitation, we were ready to pack and go. Our only… [Read More]

Written by Marcia Bethea. Two songs help to paint the magic of Rio: “The Girl from Ipanema” and “Copa, Copacabana”. Believe me, walking both these beaches, seeing Sugar Loaf, and the view from Corcovado (Christ Statue) brought the magic ALIVE when I visited with my sister in July. Considered to be ‘winter’ the weather was… [Read More]

Written by Denny Custer. Our MS Explorer completed its 11 day Amazon River trip at Iquitos, Peru. Happily we had also selected the 6-day post trip to Machu Picchu and, with 32 other shipmates, were flown to Lima to begin this new adventure. Lima has been described as a very dangerous city, though locals would… [Read More]

Written by Denny Custer. So it is 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon in Okemos. Tis also 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon where we are…in a lounge chair on the sundeck of the MS Explorer, feet propped up on the railing, watching the rainforest along the Amazon slide by. What an exciting moment, just to think…we… [Read More]

Fishing on the Amazon River thumbnail

Written by Amy Peterson. On January 3, 2013, I left Michigan’s wintery weather with my husband, Mark, to catch peacock bass on the Amazon River. The Amazon had been on our wish list since we were kids watching Jacques Cousteau on TV, and reinforced more recently via one of many fishing shows that airs on my… [Read More]


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