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Honeymoon Registry: Louise Gentner & Chris Weideman


Dear Friends and Family,

We are so grateful to already have so much of what we need for our home together. In lieu of some of the traditional housewares, we hope you enjoy browsing our ‘experience’ registry for our honeymoon in St. Lucia!

Love, Louise & Chris


1. Gift Certificate – Any Amount

Any dollar amount can be applied toward Louise and Chris’s trip to St. Lucia. Payments can be applied until July 27, 2017.

2. Hiking the Pitons – $145 per person

Towering nearly 3,000 feet above sea level, the majestic peak of Gros Piton, along with its twin peak Petit Piton, dominates the western coast of St Lucia. The lush green slopes of these pyramid shaped icons rise from the sapphire blue waters of the Caribbean, filling the adventurous traveler with wanderlust. The view itself is a classic, the Pitons of Saint Lucia, soaring straight up from the sea’s edge. A visit to the Pitons is definetly one of things you must do in your lifetime. Snaking up the misty, jungle-covered, boulder-strewn mountainside for the huge views from the top, is an experience well worth the hike. Afterwards, head to a rest stop for a sumptuous lunch of local delicacies and a refreshing swim in the majestic Caribbean Sea.

3. Treetop Zip Trip – $89 per person

Trained guides take you on the ride of your life. The zip line ride is a system of integrated cables and rigging designed for maximum thrill and exposure to the best views of the rainforest. The course consists of 12 zip lines including the island’s longest, fastest and highest, plus a net bridge. Our lines extend up to 800 feet between platforms and reach heights up to 150 feet above the forest floor. Between zips there is plenty of time to take in the unique panoramic views and observe the magnificent flora and fauna indigenous to the forest. After the ride, relax and enjoy complimentary local refreshments while surrounded by the beauty and serenity of nature.

4. Land & Sea St. Lucia Adventure – $125 per person

A guided historical tour begins on land through banana plantations, Marigot Bay and the fishing village of Anse La Raye. On arrival to Soufriere, take in the spectacular view of the majestic Pitons. A stop at the Sulphur Springs takes one through the lush Botanical Gardens and on to the picturesque Diamond Waterfall. A scrumptious local lunch is served and then it’s time to head out to sea on a catamaran for snorkeling and a stop at Marigot Bay – where the films Dr. Doolittle and Superman II were filmed – for a one-of-a-kind photo op.


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