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I have gazed longingly at Rio de Janeiro brochures ever since I started in the travel business over thirty five years ago. My globetrotting father always said that there is no place on earth quite like Rio. Don’t ask me why it took so long for me to finally get there, some destinations just inexplicably… [Read More]

Written by Marcia Bethea. Two songs help to paint the magic of Rio: “The Girl from Ipanema” and “Copa, Copacabana”. Believe me, walking both these beaches, seeing Sugar Loaf, and the view from Corcovado (Christ Statue) brought the magic ALIVE when I visited with my sister in July. Considered to be ‘winter’ the weather was… [Read More]

Written by Denny Custer. So it is 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon in Okemos. Tis also 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon where we are…in a lounge chair on the sundeck of the MS Explorer, feet propped up on the railing, watching the rain forest along the Amazon slide by. What an exciting moment, just to… [Read More]

Written by Amy Peterson. On January 3, 2013, I left Michigan’s wintery weather with my husband, Mark, to catch peacock bass on the Amazon River. The Amazon had been on our wish list since we were kids watching Jacques Cousteau on TV, and reinforced more recently via one of many fishing shows that airs on my… [Read More]