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San Francisco – Iconic City by the Bay! thumbnail

Written by Tamara Corrie. My husband and I recently traveled to San Francisco for a brief stay and believe me, I wish it could have been longer! We simply were not able to get to as many iconic sights as we would have liked, partially due to traveling over a holiday weekend and partially due… [Read More]

Amazing Trip to the 100th Rose Bowl thumbnail

Written by Rhonda Brooks. The last time MSU was in a Rose Bowl was in 1988 and after watching MSU beat OSU in the Big Ten Championship, the plans for the Rose Bowl trip were in motion. There were five of us including my husband, daughter, and in-laws that booked the trip through Classic Travel… [Read More]

Written by Angela Brya. This winter, my husband Greg and I decided to take that dreaded step of introducing our daughters, Lauren (5) and Lexie (2) to Disney. As you may recall, we did a Disney Cruise and had an absolutely wonderful time. However, I am sure that many of us have mixed emotions of… [Read More]

Written by Molly Brunette. I think it’s safe to say that one of a parent’s greater challenges in life would be traveling with small children. On the other hand, one of the greatest joys is seeing things as though for the first time, through the eyes of your children. The key to a memorable family… [Read More]

Written by Katie and Jacob Winters. We had such a great time in San Francisco! I cannot imagine a better place for us to honeymoon. It was great to be all the way across the country in such an artistic, diverse, and bustling city. Every morning it was great to wake up, walk into Union Square… [Read More]

California Dreamin’ thumbnail

Written by Danielle Lenz. Who else can say on a Thursday afternoon, “Hey I think I will go to California on Saturday to go visit my friends!” Only a Classic Travel employee! That was exactly how it happened. I was mailed The Price is Right tickets and then it was a done deal, I was… [Read More]

Great Time in California thumbnail

Written by Linda Dolecki. I just returned from a magnificent trip to the west coast. It was short, but we did a lot. We arrived in Los Angeles airport on Delta Air Lines and everything went smooth. As an FYI, for long Delta flights, Delta now offers TV per seat at no charge, unless you want to pay… [Read More]


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