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Written by Emily Janik (Classic Travel Intern, Fall 2013). Studying abroad was all that I could ask for and will be a favorite memory of mine from my college years. I experienced 6 countries in one month and I’m only twenty! Within 4 weeks, I traveled to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Italy. I… [Read More]

Written by Denny Custer. Yup! That's what the ol' pedometer tallied. Karen and I did 8 walks to come up with that total, equating to 60.58 miles. Arriving on August 8, our first two walks were in overcast and slight to moderate rain. Then we lucked out with 8 absolutely beautiful days in a row… [Read More]

Written by Daniel Suits. One of the most enjoyable parts of our visit in France last summer was a trip to the little city of Bayeux to see the Bayeux Tapestry. This famous strip of cloth depicts the history of the invasion and conquest of England by William the Conqueror in 1066. Produced just a… [Read More]

Written by Joy Thrun. Because we are a luxury leisure travel agency we have seen a steady increase in interest river cruising. I had sailed on the Nile and Yangtze rivers and although the rivers were remarkable the ships were not. So when we were invited to sail the Rhine River I was delighted to… [Read More]

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Written by Tanya Thelen. Paris, the "City of Light", casts a spark to the fires of curiosity for people all over the world. Known for its fashions, theaters, restaurants, and art, it is a city that attracts experienced and inexperienced travelers alike. While the uniqueness of Paris' architecture is breathtaking, its history is equally inspiring… [Read More]

Written by Bob and Audrey Martin. June 6, 1944! Maybe you, a relative, or friends were involved in someway in this historic event…D-Day…the invasion of France by the Allied Armed Forces. Normandy is a must see! This was the third trip for my wife, Audrey, and me. On this trip, we "guided" four friends on… [Read More]

Written by Jo Beynon. I recently had the opportunity this past year to take a "barge trip" in central Burgundy with nine other couples, and what a wonderful form of luxury travel to enjoy! If you are looking for a relaxing vacation with fine food and excellent wines, a new destination with beautiful scenery each… [Read More]

Written by Tom Thrun. It's hard to believe that Her Majesty celebrated fifty years on the throne in the year 2002. No, not that Queen, I'm referring to Classic Travel's fearless leader and my beloved partner in crime, Joy. After contemplating numerous exotic destinations in which to commemorate this historic day, the decree was handed… [Read More]

Written by Amber Feldpausch. As a travel agent, I feel it’s to my benefit to travel. Not just for myself, but for Classic Travel’s clients. Since we do so much travel for others in Europe, I just had to go. The best way to get me there was to surprise my husband by celebrating his… [Read More]

Written by Marshall Cossman. Considering a fun, no-hassle vacation? One in which you can cover lots of territory, without driving? Where you can swim in any weather; eat all day, if you're so inclined!? A trip in which you can be pampered, served meals in your room, have a choice of good food without going… [Read More]

Written by Lauren Rebrovich. Well if you are between the ages of 18-34 and want to travel abroad but do not want to go alone then check out Contiki. My friends and I went on the 10 day European Horizon tour and visited 7 countries, London, Amsterdam, St. Goar in Germany, Munich, Austria, Venice in… [Read More]

Written by Denny Custer. Excuse me for barging in, but if you have a hankering for barging in France, read on! For 15 years or so, Karen and I have thought about the French barging experience. Questions have been: which barge, which route, which company, and what time of year? There are so many choices. Ultimately… [Read More]

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Written by Rhonda Brooks. After having some great travel experiences with our kids in various US destinations over the years including several trips to Disney World, as the kids got older, we wanted to experience some broader travel experiences and decided to venture overseas. Our first trip abroad was a spring break trip to England… [Read More]