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8 Tips for Travelers Driving in Ireland thumbnail

Written by Valerie Tkaczyk. The thought of driving on the opposite side of the road and the opposite side of the car than you’re used to in a foreign country can be daunting. For travelers, there are some countries in which the best method of transportation is via automobile. Unless you plan to take an… [Read More]

Written by Rebecca Finneran | Horticulturist | Michigan State University | Extension, Kent County. Don’t think for a minute that I can tell you everything I want to tell you about my garden travels over the big pond this summer. Just looking back at the slides takes my breath away. Ireland’s enchanting green countryside is home to dozens of… [Read More]

An Irish Encounter thumbnail

Written by Cal & Mary Flegal. Our recent trip to Ireland unfolded into truly a trip of a lifetime. The plans for this adventure took place two years ago on a trip to Branson, Missouri with Mary’s brother John Ritchie and his wife Myrna. We (Mary and Cal) planned that vacation and on our return… [Read More]

Experiencing Ireland thumbnail

Written by Rhonda Brooks. Although our trip to Ireland was only four days as part of a travel agent familiarization trip, we were still able to see and learn a lot about the country in a very short time. In our past trips to Europe, we have spent many hours of research ourselves beforehand planning… [Read More]

Written by Joy Thrun. After selling trips to Ireland for over 30 years,  whether it was a self drive B&B package, an escorted tour, a golf vacation, or a private driver staying at castles and manor homes, everyone has always raved about their trip. Now that I have traveled throughout Ireland I believe the perfect trip… [Read More]

Written by Colin Maguire. Irish history is, at times, inexorably intertwined with British invasion and intrigue. As my preliminary research has suggested, this holds true for my descendants. The mighty Maguire’s of Fermanagh County in West Ulster were a powerful clan in Ireland. They were landed nobles and staunch Catholics. Not surprisingly, this led them… [Read More]


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