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Puerto Rico

Written by Diane Webster. The cruising experience is something everyone should try. The trick is to find the right destinations and cruise line for you. The professionals at Classic Travel can help you with that. They know what’ll work best with your lifestyle. And, when you’re matched with the right ship, on the right itinerary –… [Read More]

Written by Angela Brya. What better way is there to spend the holidays than with your closest friends and family in the Caribbean? This year’s Thanksgiving Cruise was a huge success! We had a group of 22 people travel on the Carnival Destiny, venturing to the Southern Caribbean. Eleven from the group were first time… [Read More]

Cruising the Vibrant Caribbean Sea thumbnail

Written by Tanya Thelen. The best way to see the Caribbean is definitely by cruising the vibrant Caribbean Sea. By taking a cruise you get to visit a number of spectacular islands in an all-inclusive vacation. Why see just one island when you can visit up to six. My husband and I took our first… [Read More]