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Written by Jean Southwick. Our Adventure with Haggis, Peas, Plaid, Sheep, Isle of Skye, and Roundabouts! As I write this on a cold wintery day in Michigan I think back to what a wonderful trip our family enjoyed to Scotland last summer. It was about this same time a year ago that I was able… [Read More]

"I saw a group of travel agents drinking pina coladas at Trader Vics and their hair was perfect, ah ooooo….werewolves of London…." Well not exactly, their hair wasn't perfect, but it pretty much sums up the 1999 edition of the Classic Travel annual Christmas trip. For the last Christmas office party of the 20th century… [Read More]

Written by Mary McLellan. When describing my annual tour of England I have always been able to sum it up with "rhododendrons, azaleas and wisteria," "big, really big," "breathtaking," "old or really, really old," "absolutely charming" and "unbelievable." After this year's trip, however, I have had to add "exotic," "subtropical," "exhilarating," and "rain." The gardens… [Read More]

Written by Angela Brya. As the Brits would say, it was just smashing! I have to say London is one of the most amazing cities in the world. For a visitor from any part of the world, there is an incredibly diverse variety of attractions to be experienced. This densely populated city provides a feast… [Read More]

Written by Amber Feldpausch. As a travel agent, I feel it’s to my benefit to travel. Not just for myself, but for Classic Travel’s clients. Since we do so much travel for others in Europe, I just had to go. The best way to get me there was to surprise my husband by celebrating his… [Read More]

Written by Jamie Shannon. The Royal Wedding had completely captured my interest for the past six months and when it finally aired April 29th, I could not help but miss ‘my’ magnificent city of London. I associate the city of London with the best experience of my life thus far, my study abroad trip. I… [Read More]

Written by Rebecca Finneran | Horticulturist | Michigan State University | Extension, Kent County. Don't think for a minute that I can tell you everything I want to tell you about my garden travels over the big pond this summer. Just looking back at the slides takes my breath away. Ireland's enchanting green countryside is home to dozens of… [Read More]

Written by Lauren Rebrovich. Well if you are between the ages of 18-34 and want to travel abroad but do not want to go alone then check out Contiki. My friends and I went on the 10 day European Horizon tour and visited 7 countries, London, Amsterdam, St. Goar in Germany, Munich, Austria, Venice in… [Read More]

Written by Jamie Shannon. As part of my Study Abroad trip to the United Kingdom, my group spent a week in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. What a magnificent city, Edinburgh is! I completely fell in love with the amazing architecture and the Scottish way of life. They are very proud of their beautiful country and… [Read More]

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When my daughter expressed interest in doing a study abroad program through Michigan State University, I thought it would be a great opportunity to do another family trip in Europe before she began her 4 week program in Cambridge, UK. While we had traveled in Europe before, it had always been in early spring with… [Read More]

Written by Colin Maguire. Irish history is, at times, inexorably intertwined with British invasion and intrigue. As my preliminary research has suggested, this holds true for my descendants. The mighty Maguire's of Fermanagh County in West Ulster were a powerful clan in Ireland. They were landed nobles and staunch Catholics. Not surprisingly, this led them… [Read More]