Egypt Travel Tips

Written by Frank Stephenson.

  • Make sure you have plenty of memory for camera or film.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water even if you’re not perspiring. Water in hotels is fine to drink, but anywhere else, drink bottled water (even on riverboat).
  • Do not eat any food from the vendors or outside of the restaurants or riverboat. Be careful of any fruits that can not be peeled and the lettuce at buffets.
  • Use hand sanitizing gel frequently throughout the day especially after handling money.
  • Take small packets of toilet paper (sold like facial tissue packets) for use when at temples, sites, etc.
  • Exchanging money is easy since it is government controlled, so you get the same exchange rate everywhere in Egypt.
  • If Tour Director (TD) doesn’t inform you of what to pay local vendors for their products, please ask him. Normally the vendor will accept about 1/4 of what they originally ask and sometimes less on bigger items.
  • Almost all merchants will haggle, even the ones at the hotels.
  • Take comfortable walking shoes since many of the sites have uneven walking areas. Be very careful at ancient sites. Don’t try to take pictures and walk at same time.
  • Men don’t need sport jacket, just nice slacks and shirts for dinners on riverboats.
  • Evenings are cool in winter months, so take light to heavier jacket.
  • Nice shorts are ok to wear. Women should take light wrap for shoulders in some temples.
  • If sun sensitive, take sunscreen with high SPF. And small folding umbrella.
  • If taking electrical appliances, check to see if it can be plugged into both 110 and 220. If not, you will need converter. If so, all you need small plug adapter.
  • If you feel ill to your stomach, contact TD, hotel, or riverboat personnel. Sometimes they have medicine (yellow or green capsules) that help.
  • Visas can be obtained for small fee ($15) at Cairo airport at the Banque Mirs booths. Make sure your passport is valid up to six months from end date of tour.
  • Make sure to keep an ample amount of small denominations of Egyptian pounds for tipping, etc.
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