A Visit to Mozart’s Musical Cities

Written by Kelli Furgason.

A week in Europe with your mother in-law, sound like a dream vacation? Well, for me, it was. This past November, I spent a week visiting Austria and the Czech Republic with my mother in-law, Jackie. My first visit to the Continent was wonderful.

Our Collette Vacations tour began in Salzburg, Austria. As a big “Sound of Music” fan, this was a huge thrill for me. We visited Mirabel Gardens, where I had my picture taken on the same steps where “Maria” stood, and also saw both Mozart houses. We walked down and caught a glimpse of St. Peter’s before heading off to the Christmas markets. I must say, the markets were part of the draw for me. I love the holidays and seeing these markets first hand was incredible. The sights, sounds and smells truly made for a festive time. I got some great gifts too!

I must make special mention of St. Peter’s cemetery. I know it sounds a bit morbid, but I loved walking through the cemetery. The respect and honor that the Austrian’s have for their loved ones is most evident. It was truly a peaceful time and I would suggest everyone take the time to experience this.

Our next stop was Lintz. What a great city! We saw the Danube, for those that don’t know, it is not blue. We also stopped at St. Martin ‘s Chapel, which has a wonderful history and is very quaint. Lintz is definitely worth a visit.

Vienna was next on the list. My favorite part of our visit here was Schoenbrunn Palace. We did a tour of the inside and it was amazing. We also enjoyed a wonderful Strauss Concert in the Orangerie. It was amazing. Collette Vacations was even nice enough to give us all CD’s of the evening’s music! For music lovers, this is an experience not to be missed.

Our final destination was Prague, Czech Republic. WOW! What a beautiful city. We went to Prague Castle and then walked to Old Town Square. Our walk took us to the Charles Bridge. The Bridge is pedestrian only and has booths set up where the locals sell their crafts. The view is incredible.

We visited more Christmas Markets and were also lucky enough to tour the former Jewish Ghetto. Here we visited the Old Synagogue and viewed the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, and the cemetery.

My trip was wonderful. The music, food and sites are unique and beautiful. I wasn’t able to experience many of the wonderful concerts in the area, but I look forward to doing that on my next trip.

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