Amazing Greece

Written by Nikali Luke.


Hotel – perfect for what we needed. Our room was very small but Mom and Dad’s was larger. It was fine since we were only there for 3 days and we were very rarely in the room. I could see some people complaining if they had our room because we honestly barely had room to move around.. but again – we were fine. Breakfast was fine – not great but fine. Desk people were nice and helpful.

The half day tour of Athens was very good. The only strange thing was they picked us up at 7:45 am and drove around for over an hour picking others up only to drive RIGHT back by our hotel on the way to the first stop. Our guide was great and we really enjoy the length and presentation of that tour.

We did a lot of walking and eating and just checking things out. We went up to the top of the mountain and saw the city and that little church which was fun. Then we just walked all the way back down to the parliament building and watched the changing of the guards before walking down to the plaka for dinner and then walked home… that was a lot of walking!

We did the day trip to Delphi. Decent amount of driving but it was worth it. Since we had pretty much tackled Athens by then.

The amount of time we spent in Athens was perfect – you were right – after the three days we were ready to go to the islands!

Mykonos was fantastic. Our hotel was great – great location and great view! The people were so nice and SUPER helpful… it was a family run hotel which was fun. Breakfast was better with hot and cold food.

We rented 4 wheelers one day and drove around to all the different beaches… This was one of the highlights of the trip. Mom and Dad rented one and we rented one and we had such a great time. I would highly recommend doing this to anyone. We felt completely safe and it was a great way to see the island.

We did the half day tour of Delos. Unless someone was really into those types of sites I probably wouldn’t recommend Delos. After seeing so much in Athens we all agreed we could have passed – partly because we only had three days on the island.


Hotel was definitely the best in Santorini. It was so nice – the people were again super helpful and the breakfast was the best for sure. The views and rooms were great… we got upgraded which was nice. The bellboys were worth their weight in gold! Great location… being just outside of Fira was completely okay. Super easy walk and kind of nice to be in Firastafani since it was a little smaller.

We rented a car and drove to the different beaches on the island which was great. It was a little more twisty and turny in Santorini so the car was a nice option. Had it been just nora and I we would have rented another 4 wheeler but I am glad we did the car because my mom would have been scared a couple points on the 4 wheeler since we were so high up.

We rode the cable car down the mountain and then rode the donkeys back up… what a riot. Nora was scared but she did it! Mom just rode the cable car back up which was probably good because the donkeys were pretty intense. I was laughing and trying to take pictures the entire way up. I think this is a must do for anyone slightly adventurous… a great memory! There were people walking down the donkey path while we were riding up it… I would NEVER recommend someone do that! Either ride the donkey or take the cable car for sure!

We did lose a lot of time on the ferry from Mykonos to Santorini… it picked us up at 2pm and we didn’t get into Santorini until after 10pm. We had to stop and get gas so they dropped us off at Syros for 2 hours… which turned into 4 hours because our boat got behind a tanker. If they have flights from Mykonos to Santorini for a little extra charge I would recommend that so you don’t lose an entire day.

The tour company was great. They were always waiting for us at each stop and that was nice since it is overwhelming when you get off the boats.

We had an amazing time – the sites, views, people, food, weather, amount of people… all were PERFECT. I would not suggest someone go in July or August.. too hot and too many people (like you mentioned) I think our timing was spot on!

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