Aruba Advice

Written by Tanya Thelen.

How about Aruba this year? With only an average of 20 inches of rain a year, you are almost guaranteed great weather throughout your vacation. In addition, Aruba is located below the hurricane belt so it is a great choice for you fall-time travelers.

Aruba is an island in the Caribbean located approximately 19 miles north of the Venezuelan coast of South America and is only 20 miles long and 6 miles wide. The average temperature is 81 degrees and there is a constant, warm trade wind day and night.

Aruba is an unusual island compared to the other Caribbean islands. It is quite similar to the western part of the United States with cacti and desert-like terrain, but it also has beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise-color water. The sunsets are spectacular too. In addition, the food is excellent and the water is very safe to drink. In fact, Aruba has one of the best water filtration systems in the world. The official language is Dutch; however, English, Spanish and Papiamento (the native language) is widely spoken. Aruba has a very low crime rate as well.

When traveling to Aruba, I recommend a package through Apple Vacations, Travel Charter or Funjet. Your Classic Travel agent can compare the best value for you. The round-trip flight from Detroit to Oranjestad, Aruba, is approximately four-and-a-half hours and is included in your package along with your choice of hotel, taxes and transfers.

I must advise you be careful with your choice of hotels since the standards in the Caribbean are quite different from the United States. I highly recommend one of the high-rise hotels on Palm Beach like the Hyatt. If you prefer an all-inclusive property, there is the Allegro Resort on Palm Beach. Here your food, drinks and non-motorized water-sports are included. It was nice not having to carry our money around!

At additional cost, Aruba has many other things to offer as well. There are snorkeling cruises, sunset cruises, water-skiing, tubing, parasailing, jeep safaris, deep-sea fishing and golf. The nightlife is also great with casinos, bars, and Vegas-like shows.

Aruba is a popular destination for honeymooners and couples, but I would also recommend it to families and singles. Be sure to add Aruba to your list of places to visit. Call me at Classic Travel for details.

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