ASTA World Congress in New York, New York

Written by Marcia Bethea.

Attending an American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) World Congress in New York brought back the many reasons why visiting New York City is so exciting! One of the major reasons for having the conference there versus Seville, Spain as originally scheduled, was to have travel agents lead the way in support of NYC as well as travel agents showing it is safe to travel.

Whatever you want to do, whatever type of food you like to eat, it all can be found in NYC. Except for the knowledge that three miles south three is a large void in the building landscape, New York is “Back to Normal”. People are busy shopping, using the subways, visiting the museums, taking the double-decker tour buses, going to shows, and eating out.

It was terrific to be back in a city where a microcosm of our world can be found on one small island. There is no doubt that things have changed but, like the rest of the United States, everyone is aiming a return to a stable environment through commerce.

Many, many “Paint the Town Red, White and Blue” packages are available to New York City. Pricing good through March 2002. Ask me for details.

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