Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Written by Marcia Bethea.

The Royal Towers are truly ROYAL. As you enter the lobby of the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas, you are quickly transported to another time and place. The expansive lobby has so many details, each visit delights your senses with something you didn’t notice the last trip through. Water, water everywhere!
The rooms are large, with king or queen sized beds, and each room has a lagoon or harbor view. Bathrooms have marble sinks and each room has a large closet. But who wants to stay in the room when there is so much to do!

The center of attraction is the new Mayan Temple which boast four water slides. Each slide a little different and with a variety of thrills. One slide is actually two…you race against someone on the other slide. Another, you float on a inner tube inside a tunnel surrounded by live fish. A third slide is less thrilling, but just as adventurous and aimed at the smaller visitors. The final, and by far the most daring slide, is a vertical drop. It takes your breath away and if you can keep your eyes open (well, for a few seconds anyway) you find yourself going through a tunnel in a huge live fish tank. What a sight! Yeah, a little scary, but it only lasts a few seconds.

The resort also boasts a lagoon with water sport activities, three other pools, and a live predator pool. Another highlight of the resort is the “Dig.” It is a replication of the Lost Atlantis. You walk through alleyways to view a diverse assortment of aquatic creatures (all real) on the other side of the plate glass window.

Food, oh boy what a treat! Atlantis has several theme restaurants, but be prepared for the bill. Our breakfast for two was $45.00. Of course, it was an all you can eat buffet, so we tried to eat a lot!

There is a large casino within the property and it too has beautiful decorations. If you love to shop, the arcade between the different towers in the resort offers many options. The Atlantis is a place for young and old alike, and would make a wonderful venue for a corporate meeting or incentive location. Call me and we can talk about details.

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