Carnival’s Imagination, Experiencing the Fun Ship

Written by Amber Feldpausch.

For years I have heard the exciting stories of cruising. It’s always been something my friends and I dreamed about doing some Spring Break, well this year we got that chance to experience one of Carnival’s Fun Ships, the Imagination.

The Imagination set sail from Miami, Florida and visited the islands of Grand Cayman and Jamaica. The Caribbean is exactly what the ads say, beautiful blue, turquoise water and beaches beyond belief. It definitely wasn’t hard leaving the cold winter in Michigan for the amazing weather and sun at sea.

Our voyage was a 5-day cruise. The ship itself was a trip. There is so much to do including Las Vegas shows, comedians, a spa, exercise facilities, bingo, a casino, restaurants, buffets, 24-hour pizzeria, daily activities to suite every age and lastly, excellent customer service that spoils you non-stop. We all thoroughly enjoyed the ship itself, and then on top of that was the islands.

Grand Cayman was our first island visit. They say Grand Cayman has the prettiest turquoise water in the Caribbean , and that it does. The water was clear blue and the white powder beaches complimented that very well. It’s always highly recommended that travelers purchase excursions for their island visits, for us that was swimming with the stingrays at Stingray City . You aboard a boat that takes you about 20 minutes from the island and stops at a sandbar, out a ways from shore. These huge fish creatures just swim right next to you, not afraid to be held or just rub up against you. You can feed, snorkel and swim with them. We all really enjoyed swimming with the stingrays; it’s an experience you don’t get in Michigan.

Jamaica was the second visit and an amazing one it was. Our excursion in Jamaica was the Cool Runnings Dunn’s River Falls adventure. We climbed up 1000 feet for one hour in nature’s beautiful waterfalls. At first I was thinking “you got to be kidding me, I’m not climbing those”, but we did it and I’m so happy we did. This is definitely a traveler’s attraction.

I now tell everyone I see that cruising is something that I think they should do in their lifetime. It’s an experience you don’t want to pass up on. How many vacations can you take that offer you more than one destinations and plus an amazing ship with as many amenities as they offer? The hardest thing was coming home to a snow storm and not having anyone serve me as awesome as they did on the ship. I would go back again just for that service and the amazing food they prepared. There was not one thing I was disappointed in.

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