Costa Rica – A Wonderful Surprise

Written by Amber Feldpausch.

This past February, I was grateful to be able to escort a group of Neurologist to Costa Rica where they attended meetings in the mornings and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and activities of Costa Rica in the afternoon. Costa Rica is a growing destination. People are asking about it more and vendors are advertising it more. I knew before I left, that Costa Rica was going to leave me with a experience like no other place I’ve traveled. I’ve been to Mexico, Honduras and various islands of the Caribbean, and none of them compare to Costa Rica.

When we first arrived, our first concern was the road conditions. Yes, the roads are in bad shape, however when we were there nothing would keep us from traveling 2-4 hours to get to a destination that was on the “must see” list of Costa Rica. Some traveled hours to zip-line, which is basically swinging from tree to tree on cords and walking along hanging bridges. A little scary, yes it was, but the excitement was the most memorable feeling afterwards. Some of us were able to venture off to see the still active Arenal Volcano. At night we were able to see the red lit lave flow down the sides of the volcano. It was quite a scene. Before we reached Arenal, we were able to do some hikes and tours through rain forests and even got to visit a tribe that lived within one of the rain forest. As we got close to Arenal, not only were the sites amazing but we were greeted with natural hot spring pools that we could sit in and just let the water relax us. That was such a relief after being on a motorcoach all-day and traveling on those bumpy roads. We also ate a wonderful meal at the Tabacon Resort, one of the most popular resorts for those adventurous travelers itching to get closer to Arenal. Some other activities that participants of our group were able to do were riverboat tours, horseback riding, deep-sea fishing and sunset cruises.

We were fortunate to stay at the Allegro Papagayo Resort right on the Gulf of Papagayo. This is an all-inclusive resort where the rooms are in separated buildings that are spread out along the mountain hills. A beautiful property with what we were told the best views of Costa Rica ‘s shoreline than any other property in Costa Rica. It had amazing food, moderate accommodations and a large swimming pool. We were treated well and serviced all week long.

As a country, Costa Rica is very cautious on how many resorts they put along the shorelines. Most people travel to Costa Rica because of its eco-tourism, so the more that’s untouched the better. When you travel to Costa Rica, you get the feeling that the country yearns for travelers to experience it. You feel spiritual, awestruck and just taken by the natural landscaping that’s all around, whether it be along the roads, shorelines or in the cities. Everything is beautiful there and the locals and animals are very friendly.

Costa Rica is a destination I look forward to sending more clients too. I think everyone needs to experience it. It’s truly a land like no other and one that welcomes all travelers. Feel free to contact me with future travel plans to Costa Rica, I look forward to meeting you. Adios!

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