Hawaii – The Islands of Paradise

Written by Amber Feldpausch.

What better than to spend your first trip as husband and wife than on the beautiful islands of Paradise. Hawaii is just that, a Paradise Haven. We started our honeymoon in Oahu, where our hotel was located right on the Marina, which was on the southern end of the famous Waikiki Beach. We stayed at the Hawaii Prince Waikiki. This property has all oceanview rooms, for its two very high buildings that look over the ocean waters. The service at this hotel was amazing and the facilities were clean and elegant. The first thing we did was walk along Waikiki Beach. It was clear what draws so many clients, surfers and locals to this destination. There is so much to do on Oahu.

One of the most famous attractions is of course Pearl Harbor, which Neil (my new husband) and I visited on Memorial Day. The history was quite amazing as we learned more about what occurred on that harbor over 60 years ago. We visited the USS Arizona and the Battleship Missouri. The experience of being right there where such a monumental attack on US soil occurred was incredible.

Next stop was Kauai, the Garden Isle. Kauai lives up to its name. It’s lush, secluded and colorful with all of the beautiful flowers that grow wild there. We were impressed by the sights that this island offered us. Being the adventurous and photogenic type we are, we tried to do as many hikes and sightseeing as possible with just the two of us. We ventured to Waimea Canyon, which they call the ” Grand Canyon of the Pacific. We did a two-hour hike along the Canyon and got some great pictures and visited a waterfall. Most of Kauai is impossible to traveling throughout. The middle is completely jungle and mountainous which prevents anyone from traveling throughout it. So Waimea Canyon to us was as close as we were going to get. We stayed up near Hanalei Bay, near Princeville at the Hanalei Bay Resort. This is where famous movies have been filmed such as South Pacific. We even ate at the Bali Hai Restaurant, which was located in our resort and has the best views of the sunset. Our property had condo suites, so we were able to buy and cook our own meals and enjoy living in Kauai for a while. Along Hanalei Bay, we drove to the Napali Coast, which is a coastline that like the center of Kauai, no one can drive along. So we again, did some hiking as far as we could make it and took amazing pictures of Napali Coast. This island was beautiful and gave us just enough seclusion and down time we needed from planning a wedding all year long.

Since we were then relaxed, we flew over to Maui, the Magical Island. There are a lot of wonderful sites that makes Maui magical. We stayed on Kaanapali Beach, just outside of Lahaina town. Lahaina town is a famous area for those that travel to Maui, mainly, because it has history, shopping, restaurants and sightseeing all throughout it. We went into Lahaina town every night we were in Maui. One day Neil and I were able to drive along the Hana Road. Some call this divorce highway because there are more than 600 hair pinned turns and over 56 one-lane bridges throughout this whole road that ends just outside of Hana, a historical town that keeps the east coast of Maui still operating. At the end of this long narrowing road, was a state park where we did a hike to a huge waterfall. We’re guessing it was about 150-200 feet high. Just beautiful, the perfect ending to a long and hot day driving along the east coast of Maui. I should mention that there are many towns and look out points along the Road to Hana, so it keeps all travelers motivated to make it to the end. One morning, Neil and I were crazy enough to go and see the best sunrise we have ever seen, and that was on top of Halaekala Volcano. Leaving at 2:00 in the morning we drove up over 10,000 feet to see the sun just hit the clouds as it rises to warm our earth. It was absolutely amazing. We were not the only ones up there. This is an ongoing attraction on Maui and some are even daring enough to ride bikes back down the volcano to the bottom. We only drove, riding bike wasn’t top on my list at 6:00 in the morning. Neil and I stayed at the Sheraton Maui. This hotel was beautiful, very elegant and had amazing service. Its beach was perfect, there was even a 20 foot lava cliff that people could jump off of into the ocean. It had a beautiful lagoon pool and wonderful restaurants. We were impressed.

After Maui we flew home, sad to leave but excited to tell everyone about our trip. Hawaii is a destination that everyone has to travel to once in his or her lifetime. Although the plane ride is long, it’s worth every minute it takes to get there. I am not sure I’ve ever talked to anyone that didn’t like Hawaii, and not sure I ever will. It certainly has something for everyone and that’s what I like about it as a traveling destination. I like knowing that it will please all of my clients, and I’m glad I was able to experience it myself. Neil and I would definitely go back, its back on the list. We have now traveled to and stayed in Paradise and you should too. Call me!

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