Hawaii: Traveling with the Family

Written by Marshall Cossman.

One of the pleasures of life is watching your children grow into adulthood. Another is the opportunity to vacation/travel with them. If you are fortunate enough, as we are, to have children and grandchildren who have a desire to travel with you, count your blessings.

In March, 2007, we took our family to Maui, Hawaii for ten days. This consisted of our daughter Barb, our son Ron, his wife Leanna and their eight year old twins, Jeremy and Sarah. We stayed at the Whaler, a condo on the beach at Kaanapoli. A great location. We had a glorious time. Our daughter-in-law, Leanna, pre-planned several events for all of us. We attended a luau for which she arranged a table right in the front, which of course meant some of us were selected to perform on stage. On another day she arranged for a snorkeling/kayak tour near Wailea; a wonderful chance to see sea turtles up close as well as other sea-life. Another experience was whale-watching from a large dinghy. Finally, she planned surfing lessons for those willing to try. All these were very exciting and fun, Things all of the family, no matter the age, were able to enjoy and are part of an Hawaiian experience.

Nor should we forget the food and drink. We of course have our favorites but the best of all is the Hula Grill adjacent to the Whaler Village shopping center and two doors away from our condos. The food is beyond excellent and is of the Pacific Rim. We’ve enjoyed dining there at least a half dozen times over the last 4 years or so. for that very special treat, Swan Court, in the Hyatt Regency, is magnificent.

Watching our grandchildren enjoying this vacation, as with other trips we’ve taken with them and their parents, is rejuvenating, as travel is in general. It’s uplifting and broadening. If you ever have the opportunity, take a trip with your children. We don’t think you’ll regret it.

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