Jamaica – Buyer Beware or Be Daring

Written by Tanya Thelen.

This is not a warning but a reminder to be careful with your travel decisions. Travel consultants prove again and again that our experience and knowledge far out-weigh anything you find on the Internet. You could end up somewhere a little more daring than you thought.

Last April my husband and I visited Jamaica for the first time. We decided to stay at a Superclub property called Hedonism III in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. I had heard that the Hedonism resorts are very wild with many fun activities to offer. Being a mom and heading in to my mid-thirties I wanted to do something fun and exciting. This was another grasp at proving myself young without heading to those college spring break spots. Little did I know how “wild” it can be out there for adults looking for fun.

We arrived into Jamaica on a beautiful sunny day with more beautiful weather to come. Our bus drive from the airport to our hotel gave us a chance to see the many sights that make Jamaica unique as well as the many resorts there are to choose from. We were very relieved when we pulled up to our hotel. The resort was beautiful and the landscaping was tastefully done. We were escorted to our pool view room which included a Jacuzzi tub with mirrors on the ceiling over the tub and the bed, of course. We toured the hotel on our own, at first, and were very happy with our choice of hotels. It had a lovely pool with a slide that runs through the bar above. There was a billiard table in the middle of the pool, two beaches (one au natural), circus school, snorkeling, etc.

What makes this hotel different than the rest, are the activities and parties they offer and the people who participate! Okay, I can handle seeing a little nudity (no I didn’t participate), after all, many Caribbean islands have their au natural or topless beaches, as does Europe. But anything goes here!! You can be as “free” as you want – including sexually. We could not believe our eyes!

I cannot go into detail but if you are “into” swinging, sexual games, pajama parties, or anything else “wicked” then this place is for you. Most of the wild activities happened after dark. – when “the moon comes out!” However, we did hear the au natural side of the resort having lots of fun during the daytime as well. Luckily, we were able to step away from it all and spend some time romantically alone. But you can imagine every one of our conversations pertaining to what we were observing. Wow!

We had many laughs, as you can imagine. This was a whole other world that I didn’t believe existed until I actually saw it! I kept telling my husband to look at it as “an experience” – we wanted to see the world and now “we’ve seen it all!” There are all kinds of people and there are all kinds of places to visit in this world. This is the perfect reason to book your next vacation with a knowledgeable travel consultant that can match you up with the right destination. Now if this is your cup of tea, rates run from approximately $1100 per person with air for four nights.

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