Los Cabos – Such a Lovely Place!

Written by Diane Webster.

Destination–Los Cabos; Assignment–check out the hotels, activities and Maritur. Maritur is a destination management company that works with Classic Travel for planning the activities of our groups. Whether it is corporate incentive travel, a family reunion or anything in between – they can be enlisted to make the trip more enjoyable and the coordinating seamless. I have to tell you that these professionals are so creative, hospitable and just plain great to be with that they could make any destination really special. The good news is that they can be recruited for a number of destinations, so let us know your needs and we’ll put you in touch with the right people. I know you’ll be delighted with what they do, we sure were.

Like many tropical destinations these days, the airport in Los Cabos is literally filled with timeshare hawkers (beware). We easily passed the hawkers and found our red-shirted Maritur guides. On the way to the hotel, our guide explained that Los Cabos has near perfect weather year round; hardly rains, and consistently clear skies. As he put it, the worst thing to happen to Los Cabos is timeshares.

Our host hotel was the Hilton and we loved it. It’s spacious and has a beautiful private feeling. The infinity pool has a floating bar and looks out onto the ocean. Our rooms were lovely, very well appointed and maintained and had great balcony views. The staff is clearly devoted to their hotel and service, and are so gracious and accommodating that I’m sure your group would enjoy the Hilton on their stay.

On our first evening we were treated to a feast on the hotel patio-complete with festive decorations and an amazing view. I’m a vegetarian, which I was reluctant to mention, but the chief whipped up a beautiful gourmet meal for me. He explained that he likes to know what the guest needs are and he and his staff are able to accommodate “any” special diet. If my meal is any indication, your special dieters will be in heaven.

Some people might be surprised that there are few swimmable beaches in Los Cabos. The surf around the peninsula is strong and most hotels have limited, or no beach swimming. I didn’t mind that because they seemed to compensate by having beautiful sandy beaches and the most amazing pools (all the hotels we visited had more than one). I’m not fond of swimming in the ocean (ever since being profoundly affected by JAWS), so I loved walking the beach and having many beautiful swimming pool options.

Besides our host hotel, over the course of 3 days we visited the: Crown Plaza , Riu, El Presidente, Westin, Sheraton, and Melia San Lucas. We inspected the rooms and meeting facilities, met the staff, and tasted their cuisine. I can safely say that in every place we visited we found the staff to be very gracious and accommodating. Friendliness is everywhere and I found it very relaxing to be around such pleasant people – truly a treat all by itself.

We’ve been to different locations throughout Mexico and the Caribbean, but Los Cabos is unique. Those rainless days that travelers pray for are the norm here, so what you see is a landscape that includes miles of diverse and interesting Cacti. Some Cacti are hundreds of years old, some were in bloom, and some are just weird looking. I found it intriguing and beautiful.

There are many things to do in Los Cabos; you can go horseback riding, RVing, boating, jet skiing, scuba diving, and experience some of the best sports fishing in the world. People come from all over the world to fish in Los Cabos and it is here where the world cup of fishing tournaments is held. There is shopping at the hotels and downtown, or you can do as we did and take a drive north to the Todos Santos art district.

This was a good drive from the area where we stayed but with our Maritur guides, it was a fascinating trip. Once at Todos Santos, you’ll find shops and galleries, some history and some nice restaurants. We stopped at the famed Hotel California for a snack, as the Eagles say – “it’s such a lovely place’.

On the subject of dining, there are wonderful restaurants all about Los Cabos and San Jose. One night we went on a dining tour and the impressive array of restaurants would have made me hungry had we not began at a place called Morgan’s. Morgan’s was our first stop and was to be our ‘appetizers’ course for the tour but the food was so good that we were stuffed by the time we left. The assortment was amazing, but the execution and service were over the top. I highly recommend it. It seemed like it couldn’t get any better, but Maritur had a special treat for dessert.

They took us to a secluded beach after dark. In the middle of what seemed like nowhere, they had tables with lit centerpieces, and a whole table of deserts. They even had a live band filling the air with music. Once again Maritur outdid themselves and presented us with a slide show of some of the groups they have done and explained how they can customize experiences based on the needs (or whims) or the group. They can arrange team building challenges (like building a Flintstone Car) or special settings (like the one they created for us). Here, in the middle of a beach at night, we had beautifully decorated tables, a fire pit, food and drinks, music, a slide show and a telescope (for an astronomy show). Yes, I believe they can do just about anything to make your group happy.

We also went on a stunning sunset sailboat cruise. Los Cabos has some of the best whale watching in the world when in season. We weren’t in season, but it was magical to be on this beautiful ship, gliding by the famous arch and seeing seals basking in the fading sun. The hospitality and food courses were endless and the experience was so much fun. Take your camera and have lots of memory cards or film -it’s beautiful!

Los Cabos is interesting and diverse. It has the resources to make any person or group happy, but the most endearing of its many charms are the wonderful people themselves. Go to Los Cabos – I’m quite sure you’ll agree that it is “such a lovely place”!

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