MSU Blue Line Club – Autumn in Maine!

Written by Tamara Corrie.

Fresh seafood, a pretty cool casino, and two exciting hockey games – that is what I and a small group of Michigan State University hockey fans experienced during a trip to Bangor, Maine.

Travel is an exhilarating experience and when you can do it with friends and family, it becomes a truly special event.

Though this trip was short (only 3 nights), we were able to experience a few of the many attractions in and near Bangor, Maine.

We traveled in October, during the fall foliage season which literally added color to our trip! We took a drive to Bar Harbor for the day, enjoying the beautiful scenery as we made our way to Mount Desert Island. Bar Harbor is 6 villages within 45 square miles on the Island just off the coast of Maine. When you cross the Trenton Bridge, you may not even realize you have left the mainland. We only went to the downtown area for a few hours, wishing we had more time to explore this fascinating and historic area. This is also a stop for some cruise lines on their East Coast and Canadian itineraries and we happened to be there at the same time as one of them. Therefore the streets and restaurants were a little busier, but that just added to the fun! For those of us from the Great Lakes State, it had a feel and look similar to Mackinac Island, but without the horses! There were the typical tourist T-shirt and specialty stores, but let’s face it, we WERE there as tourists, so why not? It was great fun.

As we returned, we stopped at roadside diner that a Maine hockey fan recommended. This was a single story building with a screened in porch for extra seating and pots with boiling lobster outside by the parking lot! You simply go to the counter and decide which size lobster you would like, picking it from the “pool”, they weigh it and attach a number to your lunch! Then they take it out to boil and when they call your number, you return to the counter for the freshest lobster around! They offered the typical side dishes for extra, such as butter, coleslaw and more.  They also had fresh oysters. It was a unique, delicious and memorable experience for one and all.

Unfortunately, most of us did not have time to spend at Acadia National Park. But those that did take the time highly recommend it for hiking, kayaking and other outdoor experiences.

We stayed at Hollywood Slots Hotel and Raceway. The hotel was really nice and comfortable. The casino is slots only, no table games. However, we really enjoyed the food and entertainment offered there also. The unique thing, in my opinion is that the casino and public hallways are decorated with some fantastic classic Hollywood paintings and pictures. You should check it out if you are in Bangor, Maine.

Bangor, Maine also happens to be the home of my favorite author, Stephen King and his wife, author Tabitha King. So, we tried to find his house so I could pretend that he would invite me in to discuss his next novel. Just kidding! But I had seen pictures and it is really unique, so I thought, while I am here… Unfortunately, we were not able to find it. But we had a really lovely drive through town and the surrounding countryside. I realized what a pleasant and fun place the Maine Highlands and Bangor, Maine are! I look forward to a return visit so I can enjoy all the things I missed this time.

And isn’t that what travel is all about? The more you see, the more you realize there is to see!

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