Ooh La La Paris!

Written by Tanya Thelen.

Paris, the “City of Light”, casts a spark to the fires of curiosity for people all over the world. Known for its fashions, theaters, restaurants, and art, it is a city that attracts experienced and inexperienced travelers alike.

While the uniqueness of Paris’ architecture is breathtaking, its history is equally inspiring. Each of the attractions of Paris seem to excite your interest the more you look and learn. It is amazing the way the Parisians keep their city young while preserving the treasures of the past. Beautiful old buildings and monuments are constantly being restored. The Parisians really care about keeping their history alive.

Paris is a fantastic city to experience. Its culture is inspiring and can really bring out your creative soul. One popular attraction that does this is the Louvre Palace and Museum. Here you will find the Mona Lisa as well as other spectacular pieces of art. The Arc De Triomphe, built by Napoleon I, is another popular attraction that stands at the western end of the Champs Elysees, Paris’ most famous avenue. Of course, there is the famous Eiffel Tower as well. From the top of the Eiffel Tower you will be surrounded by a breathtaking view of Paris and its old architecture. In the distance you can see the Sacre Coeur (a gleaming white church), Notre Dame, and many other astonishing monuments. There is also the Seine River, famous for its river boat cruises that flow in front of the boat cruise at night so you can really see why Paris is nicknamed the “City of Light”.

The most interesting and inspiring part of Paris to me, was Montmarte. Now this is Paris! Monmarte is the tallest hill in the city where the Sacre Coeur is located. Here I found a town in itself outlined in cobble stone streets, shops, cafes, and starving artists. You can either buy one of many paintings on sale, have your portrait drawn, or just sit in an outdoor café and watch a masterpiece being created. Montmarte is a must if you want a true taste of Paris.

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