St. Kitts: A Caribbean Pearl

Written by Joy Thrun.

If it is beaches, food and stunning topography you like for your tropical vacation than St. Kitts definitely fits the bill. This volcanic island has lush covered peaks with gorgeous vistas at every turn. It still maintains the ‘Old Caribbean’ feel with a first-class hotel option that meets the accommodation and amenity luxuries we have come to expect.

The Marriott hotel in St. Kitts is the only luxury hotel on a lovely beach with views of volcanic peaks. There is an upscale spa with bamboo wood floors that adds to the ambiance. They also have a casino off the lobby that has views of the Caribbean and the Atlantic; both bodies of water are within walking distance of the hotel.

There are several great dining options at the Marriott but dining outside the hotel is plentiful. There are four restaurants from Italian to Seafood on the beach within walking distance: Cio, P.J.’s, Monkey Bar and Sunset Grill. Bobsy’s is an easy cab ride but don’t miss Turtle Beach Grill or Sprat Net’s for very casual lobster or rib joints with very reasonable fare.

No matter what your tastes you will never be bored. For sightseers, Nevis is just a ferry ride away. Brimstone Hill Fortress is a UNESCO National Heritage Site. You can also take kayak tours and volcano hikes. For the shoppers, check out Balakee where you can buy those great tropical sea cotton shirts for the fellows, and dresses and wraps for the ladies. Art lovers won’t want to miss a visit to Kate Spencer’s Gallery in Basseterre or visit their studio where you can also see her husband’s custom-built sailboat — the only one of its kind being constructed in the Caribbean. Oltey and Rawlings Plantations are worth a visit and a dining experience that will prove memorable.

Tom and I spent two weeks this year exploring St. Kitts so call me today for information and reservations to go to this wonderland!

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