The Iberostar Lindo

A Note From Andrea Polverento.

What a WONDERFUL vacation we had! We opted to do the $139 first class upgrades for Sun Country at the airport, and that was the best $139 we could have spent! Sun Country was fantastic – the staff was great, the drinks were great, even the food was great! The Lansing airport is so easy and convenient, and the traveling was a breeze. I would highly recommend Sun Country to anyone. You just don’t expect to have a great airline experience these days, but they really outdid themselves. I don’t think we can ever travel coach again!

The resort (Iberostar Lindo) was great too. I loved that everything was spread out, so you never felt crowded, and there was no fighting for beach/pool chairs. I thought the food was excellent as well – one of the chefs told me that they are really trying to improve the variety so that every day is a little different. That was definitely true for the lunch buffets – they had a nice mexican grill set up every day outside the restaurant, but inside there was a different selection of things each day. We ate at the steakhouse (El Rancho), the Italian (El Fogón), and the Mexican (El Tapitió, I think!) and they were all excellent. The buffet was also surprisingly good – we only ate there twice, but it was quite good, with a good variety as well.

The pools were amazing – so big!  We loved the “lazy river” too. My mom spent quite a bit of time on the beach as well, and it was kept very clean and nice.

We didn’t go on any excursions, but dad and Greg did two SCUBA dives, and had great experiences. It was really nice – they had a great variety of dives that you could do, the selection seemed much better than in Playa del Carmen. They saw turtles, stingrays, a giant tuna and a nurse shark. (And lots of “Nemo” fish!) The Dressel folks were great as usual.

The only other thing I would mention is that resort is very family friendly – there were LOADS of little kids there. It was really no big deal because the place is so big, you have plenty of room to spread out and get away from the little ones. I was very surprised at the sheer numbers of little ones! It seemed like almost everyone had a stroller. But, I guess that means it’s a great place for families.

I attached a couple of photos for you! Thanks again for all your help! We couldn’t do it without you.

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