Vallarta Palace – A Perfect Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta

Written by Rick and Joy Terry.

Where do I begin this letter? First, let me say thank you for guiding us towards Vallarta Palace in Nuevo Vallarta. It was by far the most relaxing, pleasant, and fun experience that Joy and I have ever embarked on! The resort as a whole was absolutely top notch in every sense of the phrase. I will try to give a brief rundown of how our week went. I will start with the plane ride…

The flight out was really kinda fun. Turns out we were on the last flight down there for the season and there were only 22 people on a 300 person plane. This made for quite a few hours of relaxing followed by sightseeing out the window. The staff on the plane were all very pleasant and enjoyable.

Moving through the airport in Mexico was quick and easy. Strolled through, got our passports stamped, and went through customs without a hitch! Then we got to the taxi area and that was awesome! It felt like we were famous, with paparazzi chasing after us on in the form of timeshare reps! Lol! It was great, but we headed straight for the rep. in the yellow shirt with a sign matching our information. He walked us out, got us a taxi and we were outta there within 3 minutes flat! It was great!

We got to the hotel early afternoon and were met out front with a cold towel and a smile. Everyone was REALLY kind and helpful. We went straight to the front desk and checked in. We went up to our room and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The view was amazing, spectacular actually. We had been in the room for about 10 minutes when there was a knock on the door. One of the host staff brought in champagne and did a fun little presentation with the bucket and ice. After that our bags came up and the put them in our room. The service was awesome. Raul down at the front desk was more than helpful, ALL THE TIME! He had our names memorized after the first day and this made the trip that much more fun.

The room was just over the top! It was turned down twice a day! The bar was stocked daily too! It was insane! The double jacuzzi tub was just an experience in itself! Never even seen the likes of one of those before! Fruits, wine, fresh towels, everything was changed out! They even mopped during the day! It was crazy! It was just high class, quality in that little room of ours! Oh yeah, and 24 hour room service! We ordered burgers, grilled cheese, and fries at like 1 in the morning! It was glorious! LOL! You know, one night we even got chocolate covered strawberries delivered to our room, and we have NO CLUE why! It was beautiful!!!!

Let me just say that by Thursday, we were full of some incredible food. Bugambillas (the Mexican restaraunt) was our favorite. This place blew us away! They pull your chairs out for you, and lay a napkin across your lap! It was awesome! We ate there for breakfast a few times, and dinner twice I think. The spread of deserts and hot and cold foods was incredible. There was such a selection to choose from that it was hard to just take one or two trips up. There was also a made to order station that Joy had empanadas made that were to die for! The selection was always fresh, and if there was something that was looking dried out, you could ask them for new and they would bring it right out. There was also the option for the “Flaming Coffee” that was fun to watch. We actually had the pleasure of having the manager Francisco do ours. He was a lot of fun to talk to! Made the experience that much more enjoyable!

MoMoNoHanna was good as well. We got a little confused on how the menu worked, but we managed. We each ordered something off the menu, then got an entire table full of stuff! Lol, it was funny and we just went along with it! It was a good meal, and fun to do. Service was excellent!

Mar Intimo was beautiful. The presentation of the meals was very 5 star like. Italian cuisine with the beach and ocean view right there at night made for an extremely romantic evening. We had filet and soup I believe and both were extraordinary. The service once again was excellent. The one thing we began to notice was that it was usually a “team” of people helping out. While you would get one server sometimes, busy hours there would be multiple people making sure that you were good to go! It was great! Drinks were always full, tables always bussed, service out of this world!

La Fiesta was the Brazilian restaurant. We had a waiter named Ignacio that was probably the quickest, happiest, most delightful guy to be around. The meat was fresh off the grill and served quick! Anything and everything we needed was there within minutes of us almost being done with a drink or a plate of food. Live music at night time was a added touch out on this patio which created a pretty jazzy environment. Something else that we really liked about this place was it’s breakfast. A smaller selection (but you could walk right into Bugambillas for more) but you can seriously just sit there in the morning and birds will come right over next to you and just stare! It was cute! Joy kept feeding them, which I am not sure is allowed but it was fun to watch!

Triton Bar over poolside was a good thing! Snacks all day like hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, etc. This bar was never busy so getting drinks was quick and convenient. Some days we would just post up on the beach over to the right side so we could get up there if we wanted to. Very nice, to say the least. Oh yeah, and there was the Lobby Bar too!

Lobby Bar was kinda crowded at night. The playoffs for college basketball were going on so we would stop in there every now and then. There was a bartender named Daniel who we liked to visit. Great service and quick with a smile! The music was alright, but at night time we were usually outside doing stuff.

We went to a couple of the shows. They were okay, but not vegas quality. Very talented dancers though. It was fun to watch!

Oceanside was the most relaxing, beautiful part of this trip. Every morning we would wake up, eat breakfast, and go lay on the beach. It never seemed crowded down there. There are three rows of seating as far as the eye can see. We would just go pick out a table and chair set and just chill all morning. I think we layed there 4-5 hours a day! We are very laid back people, so this was easy for us to do. Wait staff would stroll around every now and then and bring you a drink if you needed it. We would go swim, come back and layout again, and just keep rotating. It was perfect. There are people selling you stuff the whole time you are sitting there, but they are really cool too! You just say yes or no and they keep walking. It freaked me out at first, but I got used to it when I understood what was jumping!

The pools never seemed crowded either. We also figured out that the best time to go swimming was around 5 pm. Nobody for some reason was there and we would have the entire pool to ourselves! The heated one! LOL!!!  We were there a couple hours a day too!

By that Thursday, we ventured into town. We took the bus in, and got to see the strip of resorts there in Nuevo Vallarta. Man, there are some gigantic places there! Once we got down to the wal-mart we had to switch buses to get down to the strip. That was an experience! Standing room only and bumpy! Good times! Once we got to town we walked the shops, ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, and then we got TATTOOS!!! Tattoos by Maya is where we went. He saw me walking down the street (I have a lot of tattoos) and threw me his card. We went in and it was a SUPER nice place! Good times. Joy and I got matching wedding tattoos… For the ride home we were down with a taxi cab ride! Tons of cabs lined the strip, and for 16 dollars flat they get you back to the hotel quick! It was a relaxing way to get back after a day of walking and shopping!

So, all in all it was a wonderful honeymoon. Joy and I had the time of our lives and then some! Unforgettable to be exact. Thank you so much for your time and helping us to have the most romantic, fulfilling honeymoon two people could have! Thank you so much Julie! We will be glad to refer you to others, and totally turn to you on our next trip! This trip was fantastic!

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