Versatile Costa Rica

Written by Marcia Bethea.

Do you ask yourself, before selecting a destination, “Just what do I want to do?” How many times is the answer… “Relax”, “Sit in the sun”, “Do something different”, or “See the reserved areas”. What ever you could imagine to do or not do (with the exception of snow and ice activities), Costa Rica is the place! After spending 7 days on the Pacific Coast side of Costa Rica with 23 other travel agents, I can assure you there are plenty of activities for any and all of your holiday goals.

Although our purpose was to familiarize ourselves with the country’s activities, climate, accommodations and tours, I came away from the experience with plans to tell everyone about the abundant opportunities in Costa Rica. One can sit by the pool and spend hours perfecting proper beach behavior. If the wildlife treks are more to your liking, Costa Rica has set aside 33% of its land into preserved parks. This is for bird and butterfly watching, water rafting, rainforest hiking, horseback riding and canopy tours. Volcanoes provide hot water streams, hot mud baths, as well as spectacular night sites.

Costa Rica has a literacy rate of 93%. As a result, many of the people know English. Although the main language is Spanish, it is not difficult to find someone who can communicate in English. The people (they call themselves “Ticos”) are among the friendliest I have ever met. A client who returned from a 10 day tour remarked that he never felt at risk for himself or his family while in the country and found the people very helpful. By American standards, the country is extremely safe. This, of course, is true anywhere if you are cautious, but in Costa Rica, much easier to attain.

Costa Rica has two seasons. The seasons are “wet” and “dry”. The wet season is from May to November. This would be like Hawaii where it will rain daily, but not all day. The sun would continue to shine and the humidity would be high, but not unbearable as there is usually a breeze. The average temperature is 70 degrees and it is not unusual for it to be in the 80’s or 90’s. As it is only 10 degrees north of the equator, sun protection is a must!

Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive, a hide-away in the forest, or a quaint lodge near a volcano, it can be found in Costa Rica. All-inclusive resorts offer three meals plus snacks, drinks and entertainment. Only a few of the resorts offer golfing, but we saw many developments in the area that included future courses.

Costa Rica’s leading export is its coffee and a bargain for the coffee lovers. Handicrafts such as products made from wood, leather products, and pottery also make good souvenirs. The richest gift, however, is the experience Costa Rica offers with its natural environment and outdoor activities. The memories created from a vacation in Costa Rica are priceless and sure to be cherished long after the actual experience.

This is a destination great for active singles, families, or anyone looking for that someplace special. If you like a warm climate, lush vegetation and wide variety of activities to do, call me and let’s talk about planning your next vacation to Costa Rica.

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