October 18, 2013

Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Small Children

Written by Molly Brunette.

  1. Start out first thing in the morning, when everyone is well rested, for activities such as the zoo or Sea World.
  2. Don’t try to do too much. Little people have small attention spans and are not going to care if you haven’t covered every square inch of Sea World or haven’t seen every animal at the zoo. If you sense your children are getting tired, that’s the time to leave.
  3. Whenever possible, stay with your “at home” routine. If your child still takes a nap, try to allow time for resting. Schedule meals for the same time you would eat at home.
  4. Pack a medical kit – thermometer, Tylenol, Band-Aids, etc. for dealing with minor illnesses and mishaps.
  5. Order a child meal for the airplane. Request this at the time you make your airline reservations as advance notice is needed.
  6. Have your travel consultant request a car seat when reserving a rental car. States vary as to the age that car seats are required, so be sure you are advised before your departure.
  7. Bring favorite activities for the airplane. Make sure you have plenty of books, snacks, and a few small toys. These items also come in handy at restaurants and in the car.
  8. Rent a stroller at attractions that require a lot of walking. Even if your child has generally outgrown one, those little legs will get mighty tired!
  9. Take lots of pictures. Since children tend to look everywhere but at the camera, if you take twice as many as you think is necessary, there’s a good possibility you will end up with at least a few exceptionally good photos. Get some shots of the whole family too.
  10. Enjoy yourself! Yes, there will probably be some disastrous moments, but those will be the ones you will laugh about in years to come!
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