Walt Disney World Theme Park Experience

What is new and upcoming to Walt Disney World?

I am so glad you asked. The Disney Agent Educations Program recently took me to the Walt Disney World Theme Parks. I wanted to share with you my first hand experiences, please read on.

Magic Kingdom Park – Happily Ever After fireworks
This is absolutely the most amazing fireworks show I have ever seen anywhere.  Not only do you have the traditional fireworks, the castle lights up and tells all the Disney stories of past and present, as it changes in front of our eyes.  Just amazing!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
I was expecting a casual ride like many others, where you drift through the story.  This is actually a twisting, turning rollercoaster from beginning to end, except in the middle, where you actually get to view the dwarfs mining for gems.  So much fun.

Epcot, Frozen Ever After
Located in Norway, this floating adventure takes you through the story of Frozen with Elsa, Anna, Sven, Olaf, and other Frozen characters, including the snowball creatures.  I came off this ride wet, with a splash at the end.  Easy ride for everyone.

Illuminations Reflections of Earth
Watching fireworks is a whole new experience.  We were given 3D glasses that showed “Mickey’s” over the lake.  When the fireworks went off, they were shooting “Mickey’s” everywhere. This unique experience was provided during the Fireworks Dessert Reception which can be purchased for your group.  Normal viewing can be seen around the World Showcase Lagoon in Epcot.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Pandora – The World of Avatar
Here is where we spent most of our time, wandering around the Valley of Mo’Ara.  If you have ever seen the movie of Avatar, it is just like stepping into their world.   “Amazing” is the only word that come close to this adventure.

Float through the Na’vi River Journey into a bioluminescent rainforest. Slow, amazing, tranquil ride for all members of the family.

Avatar Flight of Passage (my personal favorite)
The only thing I wanted to do at Walt Disney World, was ride on the back of a Banshee.  This ride is incredible.  Another agent had described it as “Soaring on Steroids”, and I have to agree.  This 3D ride takes you plunging through the clouds, down waterfalls, in a battle with another evil Banshee with total emergence, as if you were really there.  You can even feel the Banshee breathing while riding this exceptional ride.  You must be 44” to ride, and the wait time averages 3-5 hours. Learn how to avoid this wait time by going to this link: Get the VIP Experience 

Animal Kingdom Park used to close by 7:00 pm but not any longer.  This park is now open late at night with some amazing shows.  I rode Expedition Everest in the dark, which was a whole new experience for me, when facing the Yeti.

Tree of Life comes alive at night with four different shows. The animals that are carved throughout the tree come to life, and the tree lights up in a display of ever changing scenes.

Rivers of Light
In place of fireworks, you can view Rivers of Light.  This show is serene, without the loud explosions that bother the animals and certain people.  You watch the animals of the world in a mist spray of water.  You have to see it to believe it.

Hollywood Studios
We tried really hard to see the new Toy Story Land, but no matter how much we begged to see Slinky Dog roller coaster, we could not get a glimpse.  Opening June 30, 2018.

Walt Disney World is always changing and updating.  There is something for everyone, no matter the age or interest.   I look forward to each and every adventure that Disney has to offer.


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