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Tanya Thelen

 OAHU: Town and Country When most people think of visiting Hawaii, they think of stopping over in Honolulu for a few days, and then flying on to the next island for the remainder of their dream Hawaiian vacation.  But did you know, that the island of Oahu, can be a vacation all by itself?  In… [Read More]

The Mayan Riviera Is It thumbnail

Written by Tanya Thelen. The past few years the Mayan Riviera, also known as Playacar or Playa Del Carmen, has been growing in popularity. Recently, I visited there for four nights and saw for myself what all the fuss is about. This Mexican destination has beautiful beaches, gorgeous resorts, blue-turquoise water, and great Mexican shopping… [Read More]

The Many Sides of Maui thumbnail

Written by Tanya Thelen. Maui is one of the most favored of all the Hawaiian Islands. It caters to both tropical relaxation and an active lifestyle. I was fortunate enough to experience the island for eight nights on my honeymoon. A long stay in Maui is an excellent way to relax the mind as well… [Read More]

Ooh La La Paris! thumbnail

Written by Tanya Thelen. Paris, the “City of Light”, casts a spark to the fires of curiosity for people all over the world. Known for its fashions, theaters, restaurants, and art, it is a city that attracts experienced and inexperienced travelers alike. While the uniqueness of Paris’ architecture is breathtaking, its history is equally inspiring… [Read More]

Jamaica – Buyer Beware or Be Daring thumbnail

Written by Tanya Thelen. This is not a warning but a reminder to be careful with your travel decisions. Travel consultants prove again and again that our experience and knowledge far out-weigh anything you find on the Internet. You could end up somewhere a little more daring than you thought. Last April my husband and… [Read More]

Cruising the Vibrant Caribbean Sea thumbnail

Written by Tanya Thelen. The best way to see the Caribbean is definitely by cruising the vibrant Caribbean Sea. By taking a cruise you get to visit a number of spectacular islands in an all-inclusive vacation. Why see just one island when you can visit up to six. My husband and I took our first… [Read More]

Aruba Advice thumbnail

Written by Tanya Thelen. How about Aruba this year? With only an average of 20 inches of rain a year, you are almost guaranteed great weather throughout your vacation. In addition, Aruba is located below the hurricane belt so it is a great choice for you fall-time travelers. Aruba is an island in the Caribbean… [Read More]

Australia and New Zealand: An Unforgettable Experience thumbnail

Written by Tanya Thelen. Our favorite vacation of all time was to Australia and New Zealand. It was a trip of a lifetime! My husband, Glen, and I flew from Detroit on Continental and Qantas Airlines through Los Angeles. Our first stop was Cairns, located in tropical Queensland, Australia. Due to the time zone and… [Read More]


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