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 OAHU: Town and Country When most people think of visiting Hawaii, they think of stopping over in Honolulu for a few days, and then flying on to the next island for the remainder of their dream Hawaiian vacation.  But did you know, that the island of Oahu, can be a vacation all by itself?  In… [Read More]

A Travel Agent’s Tips on the North Shore of Kauai thumbnail

Written by Rhonda Brooks. The North Shore is the remote area of the island of Kauai in Hawaii, with picturesque views in a lush tropical setting. The quaint town of Princeville offers cliff-side views of the Pacific Ocean, while the beach town of Hanalei offers many fantastic sunsets from the pier and many food trucks… [Read More]

Maui – Expect the Unexpected! A Travel Agent’s Firsthand Experience with Travel Insurance thumbnail

Written by Julie Schafer. Hau’ oli la Hanau (Happy Birthday) Courtney! It’s not every day that you turn 1 year old, so in honor of this big event, we decided to take a family vacation to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Even though we had a well-planned itinerary and this was not Courtney’s first time on… [Read More]

Written by Angela Brya. On our third trip to Hawaii in May, we decided to visit the much talked about “Big Island” Hawaii. Big it is, stretching almost 4000 square miles. All of the main islands could be placed inside the borders and still have extra space. It is so large that Hawaii host two… [Read More]

The Many Sides of Maui thumbnail

Written by Tanya Thelen. Maui is one of the most favored of all the Hawaiian Islands. It caters to both tropical relaxation and an active lifestyle. I was fortunate enough to experience the island for eight nights on my honeymoon. A long stay in Maui is an excellent way to relax the mind as well… [Read More]

Written by Angela Brya. There is no question that Oahu is the most developed island in the Hawaiian chain. Yet most of the development is contained on the southern coast, where Honolulu, the capital is located. If you want to be where the action is, Waikiki is a tourist haven. The vast majority of the… [Read More]

Written by Jason Gould. What does one do in a tropical paradise? The answer to that question extends far beyond just basking in glorious temperate weather and gazing at palm speckled sunsets. Hawaii’s Big Island also exudes fun and excitement for those with an appetite for diverse adventures. We stayed at the Hilton Waikoloa Village… [Read More]

Hawaii: Traveling with the Family thumbnail

Written by Marshall Cossman. One of the pleasures of life is watching your children grow into adulthood. Another is the opportunity to vacation/travel with them. If you are fortunate enough, as we are, to have children and grandchildren who have a desire to travel with you, count your blessings. In March, 2007, we took our… [Read More]

Written by Terri Shaver. There are exotic backpacking trips, and then, there are EXOTIC backpacking trips! There are places covering the world that may vie for the most exotic, but we think we’ve found one of the top 5, AND it’s in the United States! Imagine hiking down a trail that would rival the surface… [Read More]

Hawaii – The Islands of Paradise thumbnail

Written by Amber Feldpausch. What better than to spend your first trip as husband and wife than on the beautiful islands of Paradise. Hawaii is just that, a Paradise Haven. We started our honeymoon in Oahu, where our hotel was located right on the Marina, which was on the southern end of the famous Waikiki… [Read More]


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